TÁMA is a votive (an offering or promise) for someone that requires help. A miracle. It is an act of love in its purest form – we believe that cooking for someone is another expression of this same love.

Our approach brings people together with shareable plates in a casual modern bistro with a union of Mediterranean, Asian, and South American traditions.

The menu will remain ingredient-curious; it will change often, according to components best sourced by seasonality, local markets, and our own imaginations.

The Menu

• Turmeric & Herb Pita

Pita made with turmeric and herbs, with three dipping sauces: spicy feta, tzatziki, lentil hummus.

• seabass crudo

Seabass, watermelon, citrus.


Strawberry infused rice vinegar, feta mousse.

• Tuna Tartare

Lightly seared tuna, herbs, and yuzu juice.

• Mussels in Saffron Broth

Served with grilled sourdough.

• Shrimp

Shrimp with bok choy, fennel, chili.

• Patatas Bravas

Fried potato with spicy yogurt sauce.

• Oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms grilled with thyme & garlic, tossed in clarified butter and white wine.

• Octopus

Onion chutney, fava bean puree.

• Empanadas

Savory pastries filled with spinach, whipped feta, and herbs.

• Avgolemono Ramen

House ramen noodles in avgolemono soup, swiss chard "nori", chili, crispy garlic, and crispy chicken thighs.

• Beef Loin Skewers & truffle

Beef loin marinated in black truffle vinaigrette, grilled, with shaved black truffle.

• Short Rib Orzo

Seared and braised short ribs on a bed of orzo pasta.

• Lobster Bucatini

Lobster bisque, chilly.

• Sea Bass

Grilled whole, wild caught, served with wild herbs.



A charming intimate restaurant

 Chefs Avgeria Stapaki and Adalberto Olaez merge Mediterranean traditions with South American and Asian ingredients.

meet our chefs

Chef Avgeria_Stapaki_Tama

Avgeria Stapaki


Chefs Avgeria Stapaki and Adalberto Olaez are motivated to share the traditions of their cultures, committing to their love of seafood, produce, terroir, and the unpredictable way they combine their visions into a single, creative harmony. 


Adalberto Olaez


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